Outerthought is now NGData

See, if you are deliberately crippling your mainline product in order to lure people into buying a commercial license, not only will your users outsmart you (by installing those 'enterprise-ready' components on their own), you will also have to distribute (and dilute!) the attention of your development team over multiple branches of your project.

Open source is no simple means to an end (although many organizations are jumping on the open source bandwagon for exactly that purpose), it is a way of thinking that works remarkably well against those who want to work their way around the system. Alfresco found out after a while that pure-play service-based offerings work out better in the longer run, and I'm sure Magnolia will eventually have to follow that trend as well. Either you embrace open-source-as-a-business-model to its fullest extent (which in our case means it's just our invoicing data which you won't find on the internet), or you'll be haunted by your prime champions: the community around your product.

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by Steven Noels on 11/26/06
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