Outerthought is now NGData

OK, blame us. Or rather, blame our customers, who kept us so busy over the past 10 months, working on exciting projects and improving Daisy along the way. So no, do blame us, for not sharing all these goodies with you over such a long period. Well no, blame yourself, since all of this work has been happening out in the open, the only thing you had to do was grab Daisy trunk from Subversion, and build it for yourself. Oh well, do blame us in the end, because we could have been more talkative about all these goodies, and prepare a proper Daisy release for you to enjoy them. :-)

So, without further ado, familiarize yourself with the Daisy 2.3 new features on Bruno's blog. And do blame us if we don't keep our promise again: Daisy 2.3 is just a couple of weeks away. Really!

PS: we did ship Kauri 0.3.1 in the mean time. Well, last week to be exact.

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by Steven Noels on 2/1/09
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