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We are very happy to announce the release of Daisy 2.3 today.

While we've missed our usual bi-yearly schedule for this release, we believe there's plenty of goodness in this new 2.3 release to make up for this delay:

  • a spiffy global search-and-replace tool
  • say goodbye to boring download-upload cycles with our new document uploader applet, bridging the gap between your desktop editors (Office, Photoshop ...) and Daisy
  • a vastly improved document browser (including a built-in facet browser), everything configurable without any coding, with also lots of tiny usability fixes

and for the technical Daisy integrators out there:

  • an inline editor hook that allows you to modify the default document editor to your heart's content, e.g. putting fields and parts on a single heavily customized screen
  • we're using FOP now (instead of IBEX) across the board for PDF generation, even for books
  • even more granular access control
  • a lot of new workflow features, and the possibility to query the jBPM workflow engine from inside publisher requests (e.g. to show status per document)

The list of changes between daisy 2.2 and daisy 2.3 can be found here: http://daisycms.org/daisydocs-2_3/13-cd/591-cd.html.

You can download Daisy 2.3 here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=176692

The installation instructions can be found here: http://daisycms.org/daisydocs-2_3/13-cd.html

Next up, two things will be happening:

  • work is already underway on the 2.4-dev branch, for the moment mostly related to book-publishing and single-sign-on-integration
  • we've also set up a formal R&D activity that is focusing on our next-generation content management framework, currently nick-named 'D3'

D3 will be a quantum-leap revolution:

  • we're moving from Apache Cocoon to Kauri for front-end development
  • the ambitions we have with the new repository engine will be far beyond what is possible with Daisy 2 now, in terms of volume, distribution, and whatnot.

D3 is planned for 2011. Obviously, these are pretty exciting times for us.

In the mean time, enjoy Daisy 2.3 and let us know what you think of it.

Thanks, Outerthought - or rather http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevenn/3597192333/

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by Steven Noels on 6/9/09
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