Outerthought is now NGData

I have some really exciting news to share with you today: Outerthought is now part of a larger company that is committed to bringing Lily to the next level. 

As interest in Lily was growing at an increasingly fast pace, it became clear that it deserved a strong, growth-targeted and globally-oriented company with a world-class management team.

I'm therefore extremely excited to announce that Outerthought is now part of NGDATA, a Big Data software company that makes sense of your data. NGDATA is planning to secure additional capital to accelerate the development and roll-out of Lily’s roadmap and to support business development activities in the United States. We will make Lily into the best Big Data management platform out there, with a special focus on large-scale machine learning and recommendations in real-time.

My role will be VP Product of NGDATA, listening to and working with customers and partners, market research and analysts, and generally making sure Lily has an awesome roadmap. I welcome Luc Burgelman (CEO), Frank Hamerlinck (COO) and Jürgen Ingels as co-founders and private investors of NGDATA, and Anne-Mie Poot as our VP HR.

I'm really proud of what Outerthought has achieved in the Big Data space so far, and the future is looking really promising. I'd also like to thank the Outerthought team for their effort and contribution in getting us where we are today! Thanks to anyone who helped us along the way - you won't be disappointed with what comes next.

The official announcement can be read on the NGDATA website - http://ngdata.com/site/news/96-ng.html.

Steven Noels
CEO Outerthought,
VP Product NGDATA.

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by Steven Noels on 2/17/12
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